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by Dimitris Asimakopoulos
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Ioanna Kourbela BASICS collection for the summer of 2020, draws its inspiration from Greek art and tradition as well as from the Greek summer. More specifically, the central idea for this season is Cycladic art, which is the first example of an art-human relationship since the Cycladic figurines made of Parian marble five thousand years ago, was the first attempt to depict the natural form of man. Landmark elements are assimilated and adapted to new collection suggestions that preserve their minimal and unpretentious character, reinforcing the stigma of the collection.

The color palette of the collection consists of shades inspired by the Greek seas and the warm earth. Deep blue and turquoise, they attribute the color variations of the sea while combined with white and black have a strong reference to the Cyclades. Red with warm orange tones combined with the brown of clay, they draw their inspiration from the shades of the earth.

Ioanna Kourbela

The materials reinforce the philosophy of the brand which with respect to man and his environment, support sustainable development and become once again a model for products of Greek origin.

Fabrics from selected raw materials, adopt elements from tradition, always maintaining the brand's philosophy in the use of natural fibers. Cool and soft fabrics as well as materials with a heavier and raw look frame the collection.

Woven with ornate stripes, timeless knitwear and special embroidery with common reference tradition and influence from the Cycladic culture, they compose unique creations with intense folklore elements but with ultra chic and minimal summer mood.

One of the main protagonists of the collection is linen. Patterns inspired by the architecture of the Cyclades with freedom of movement but also with special volumes frame and flatter the silhouette, creating unique layering looks.

The beloved denim processes and takes on a special form, durable with raw look and details, subtly balancing with the fluid and transparent fabrics of the collection.

The cotton poplin is still a must have of the collection with passe par tout pieces in classic and statement colors.

Soft cotton sweatshirt and loose and deconstructed lines gently cover the body while selected designs bear the symbolic embroidery, characteristic of the collection.

Transparent fluid tencel and cotton fabrics are the ideal choice for mid-summer while color blocking combo and layerings are particularly impressive.

For another season we have the Zero Waste range with limited quantities in new designs that awaken memory and sensation following the basic principle for maximum utilization of raw materials and resources.

The accessories of the collection, ideally complement the looks of all gammy shacks with classic favorite handbags, special shoes and jewelry with "playful" mood.