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Unity @ Ios Beach Volley World Tour

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos
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On 14-16 June, the well-known FIVB World Tour beach volleyball tournament was successfully held in Ios and Unity was not missing. After fifteen years the tournament returns to Greece and Ios becomes the center of the world beach volleyball. Athletes from 21 different countries stated present, including Greece, which was represented by four male and five female teams.

Apart from achieving the exceptional organization of the tournament, Greece also stood out with the duo Stelios Tzioumakas / Jason Canellos as they reach the men's premenstrum, where they was wounded by France and the duo Dimitra Manavi / Konstantina Tsopoulou win the first place women as they win the final versus the Romanian team.

Unique was also the role of Unity, as sponsors of the IOS OPEN 1 STAR world championship. The Unity undertook the creation of sports jerseys of each group, which was reached and surpassed, creating jerseys that met the demanding needs of athletes.

Woman @Unity

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos
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The team of Unity by Harris Ragavis, wanting to satisfy the demands of modern woman even more, we decided to add new brands to our family with emphasis as always on detail, quality and good value. Once again, looking to show something different, we innovate and offer to women the opportunity to bring out their uniqueness, character and femininity through special outfits.

Discover special pieces of Greek designers, combine them with clothes and shoes from famous street fashion brands from around the world and express what you are through a truly unique look.

Discover our entire renewed female collection in our natural shops, and online at www.unity.com.cy

Quay x JLO

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

A collection as powerful as the woman who inspired it, the QUAY X  JLO  range is designed to bring out your inner superstar. Discover your new power sunnies with a selection of styles defined by luxe metal accents, oversized shapes, and flashy lens finishes.

Each pair is designed for you, to bring out the best of you—because putting on your sunglasses should feel like putting on your best self. 

Unity x Wrangler Icons

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

Wrangler is a brand that, since the very first day of its foundation, has been aimed at preserving its authenticity and identity. Over the years, Wrangler has become the No 1 option for cowboys, rebels, and rockstars. And because the icons we've grown up with are still existing, we're introducing Wrangler's special ICON collection with legendary designs from the brand's archive.

The new Wrangler ICONS series takes us back, at retro times combining the timeless character of yesterday with the style of today. Wrangler ICONS is the world's first product platform, included Greece, where Wrangler ICONS is exclusively available to Unity. The Unity brings you close to a retro series that will leave its mark on the denim game, also aiming to pass on to the new generations its interdisciplinary style. Dedicated #TOTHEICONS, to you who want to stand out and you have the style of an Icon. #UnityXWranglerICONS.

ICONS live forever. Be part of the history.

Inspired by the past, for the future!

Pelle Pelle x Wu Tang

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

Pelle Pelle is a company with international influence in the field of television and music. Her relationship with hip hop is also known, as many rappers show their preference for the company, support her and often collaborate with her.

Last important collaboration was with Ghostface Killah and the Wu-Tang band in which he participates. A band of hip hop music with global appeal.

Within Pelle Pelle's new collection, stamped names have been designed by members of the band and titles of their songs such as Ghostface Killah and Protect Ya Neck respectively.

This new collection of these designs is now available in our company and our site.

Vespa Presentation Spring / Summer 19

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos
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Vespa Presentation Spring / Summer 19

Discover the new collection of Vespa shoes and accessories by clicking here.

Str.Eaters, the new street food project, which brings gastronomic air to the city center of France and America, creating for the first time eight different tasting stations in the same venue, opens on 9 November.

For Friday's inauguration a big party is being prepared with the music coverage of the EnLefko radio station. At the same time, the opening of the floor hosted by special events and pop up stores is marked with Vespa's first, great guest.

Our company, Unity by Haris Ragavis being the exclusive Vespa shoe and accessories distributor, in cooperation with the Vespa Clubs of Athens and Piraeus, is organizing a competition in which the most beautiful Vespa will be awarded.

The space will be filled with beautiful machines, while the pop up store will be hosting special brand accessories such as bags and shoes, which will be sold with special discounts for all guests. In addition, samples of products will be exhibited from the new collection of the coming year.

In addition to the members of Vespa Club and our associates, we will be invited to attend the presentation.

Those who love the special food and adore Vespa, will have the pleasure of enjoying a night that combines them all!

Do not miss!

Unity Volos - Grand Opening Event

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

Unity Volos - Grand Opening Event

The inauguration of the new store in Volos was made and there were not many who rushed to see and discover the products that it has. The wide variety of well-known brands as well as unique designs and special lines in both clothing and footwear was what really impressed the world.

People of all ages attended this very nice event,

among them the mayor of Volos, Achilleas Beos.

As this store looks like it was the missing piece in the region's market. Variety, quality and style, all in one.

We thank all of you who helped to achieve this goal and you attended this beautiful event.

Unity Welcomes Vespa

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

Vespa Lifestyle.

Vespa is not just a machine, a vehicle that facilitates your travels. It's more than just a whole world, another way of life. Vespa lets you escape, gives you the opportunity to travel, experience unique moments and experience. Those who love Vespa belong to a special family, knit and organized, with the same passion for their common love.

Our company, aware of the great interest and the worship around it, has decided to make available both accessories and other gadgets, but also shoes for all of you who can not take a moment off.

Only here you will find a great collection to create your own "Vespa style".

The best jackets and coats for men for the winter of 2018

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

The best jackets and coats for men for the winter of 2018

Read about the different styles of men's jackets and suggestions in modern designs. Learn about style jackets that you should wear in every special occasion! In the article, we will give you our ideas and suggestions which men's jackets wear in autumn and winter of 2018!

Men’s jackets in winter have always been the best outfits of a Man. However, there is still a common misconception that exists around the world on jackets. They are considered as a winter and necessary choice, but lightweight jackets are perfect for being a part of your wardrobe during autumn and spring. Additonally, men's jackets can be your perfect outfit when you want to get dressed and prepare for all events.

If you are looking for ways to upgrade the style of your jackets, browse through this guide to discover the best men's jacket styles that you can wear in any season.

G Star Jackets-a Versatile apparel style

The G star Jackets are now a basic choice for any man as we have noticed the great demand all year round for all styles and colors. They are considered one of the most versatile style jackets for Men. The G Star jackets come in a variety of fabrics and colors, which makes them a adaptable piece of clothing for all tastes. Of course, in our rich collection you will also discover trench for men and Women.

Combining a black G Star Army bomber jacket with New Denim jeans trousers, and a T-shirt will create a casual look. During the colder months from October to February, you could also choose to wear a men's shirt of your choice. Make sure your jeans are skinny, to be a harmony with your overall image. And when it comes to the last part of the clothing, feel free to choose your favorite style of Converse Shoes.

High quality unity jackets for the winter of 2018

Τhe branded men's unity jackets are designed to offer you elegance through modern design and the necessary warmth on cold days and nights of ςinter. It is a go-to men's winter style jacket where its popularity stems from the ideal choice for everyday use.

Unity Jackets offer you what you're looking for from a winter jacket protecting you from cold, wind and Rain. After so many tests and reviews of our clients we can say with certainty that it is really a basic product that should be in your wardrobe every year. So whether you choose a hooded jacket or not, the Unity jacket will be a real investment.

Casual look with bomber jackets

The bomber jackets are not the first thing that comes into your mind when you are planning to go on a formal event. However, what men don't know is that the particular style of men's jackets create a difference to any official event, but only if you wear it properly. The Bomber jackets, when matching with elegant trousers, and a shirt gives you the perfect formal look. To add more details, make sure that you keep the colors neutral.

Volcom Jackets windproof and hooded

The hood in a men's jacket has proven useful and convenient especially on rainy or very cold days of winter. You can protect both your neck and your head in all cases. The Volcom Men's jackets are an excellent choice for this style, as it combines elegance and usefulness. It is worth mentioning that the Alpha industries jackets offer you the extra protection you need in winter. Composed of polyester and nylon in combination with the hood in various design covers the most demanding choices of beautiful colors and designs.

CIVAGAR Men’s Coats

Whether you call it inflatable or warm coat, it is undoubtedly one of the warmer winter coats in the market. Despite its simple design, Civagar men's coats are particularly practical and will definitely keep you warm even the worst winters. The design that you can find in Civagar coats makes them a necessary streetwear and is an excellent choice when you are looking for a casual men's coat.

We leave the rest to you. Find and choose from our range of men's jackets for all preferences.


by Dimitris Asimakopoulos
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The IOANNA KOURBELA BASICS collection lives by the principle that ’’The Garment is the Home of the Body’’. A collection where the body is coated with natural yarns and fabrics, embracing it gently, dictating a newfound freedom. Designs inspired by Greek classical geometry, surrounded by graceful tenderness and elegance that give emphasis to comfort and sense.
The new Ioanna Kourbela Basics Autumn/Winter 2018-19 collection takes you to a distinctive moment, sustained from time, dictating a new unfound freedom of aesthetic. A complete range of designs, whose silhouettes stand out for their universal elements and their modest, fashionable, sophisticated and contemporary timelessness.
Across the unique style of each line within the new Basics collection, the importance lies in shape and texture, thus creating unity and balance; clothes of simple structure and shape, which embrace the body, allowing complete freedom in movement. Materials in a new approach, in customized versions and combinations that create a sense of tease to vision and touch. Knitwear with an absolute perfectly feminine and fall mood in elegant patterns. Garments in a casual fall/winter style with special textures in two color duets that are opposite but also compliment each other. Combinations of cotton and wool threads, viscose fabrics, soft denims in a new approach, fashionable knitwear, all produced under sustainable and responsible procedures exclusively in Greece and exported to 25 countries internationally. Ioanna Kourbela exports her collections as well as her unique aesthetic approach to the female figure around the world.