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RIDER. The classic 80's silhouette, worn today.

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos
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The new and refreshed Rider has arrived and is strongly announcing its presence in the sneakers industry. In this model, color-blocking in vibrant shades is honored, while at the same time turning back time, referring to the popular '80s runner sneakers, one of the classic designs of the Puma’s archive. But it is also perfectly aligned with the challenging futuristic aesthetics that overwhelm the fashion industry today, especially sneakers, combining its retro design with the colors and trends of the future!

Future Rider is a brand new design and color scheme looking to the future, with distinctive influences from the PUMA Fast Rider created in 1980 with its unique sole and minimal upper, giving it a distinctive style at the Puma sneakers. Modern materials such as ripstop nylon and luxurious suede blend seamlessly into PUMA's classic-vintage design for a unique result that will surprise any sneaker lover!

Key Features: The upper consists of a thin ripstop and the corrugated sole refers to the design of the Fast Rider, the classic '80s model. The stabilizer on the side of the sole is another feature that has a different shade to each colourway, adding another special detail to a unique sneaker.

Just like their predecessor, Future Rider One features a combination of ripstop and suede with classic PUMA Formstripe in soft leather. But they have a lower profile sole, more sophisticated than the 'Federbein' technology we find in the '80s, so you can feel comfortable and smooth touch at every step. In addition to their retro aesthetic, combined with the vibrant neon colors, Future Rider is made with modern materials as typically featured in its “Waffle” sole and stabilizer, thus utilizing the latest technologies, delivering maximum consumer satisfaction.


by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

Faithful to today's fashion and the latest trends, top designer Karl Lagerfeld cooperates with PUMA to create an unprecedented collaboration. Karl Lagerfeld's fashionwear and Parisian chic character blend in with Puma's streetstyle and sport character, is creating a unique collection.


In this collection, the sport element follows the fashion trends, the modern athletic look meets high fashion while the classic style is presented through a fashionable and luxurious look. The PUMA x KARL LAGERFELD collection features unconventional details, color blocks and bold graphics - the perfect mix between streetwear and high-end fashion.


With eccentric designs and colors in clothing and footwear, the PUMA x KARL LAGERFELD collection is perfect for anyone who wants to get a star's air and stand out. You can also complete your outfit with special items in leggings, pants, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and sneakers. Discover all about the PUMA x KARL LAGERFELD collection in our natural stores and online store, Unity.gr.

Bellfield - From London... exclusively at Unity!

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

Bellfield is a fashionwear brand created in the 1970s based in London, having as a motto the artist’s David Hockney's famous quote 'We grow small trying to be great.' So with slow and steady steps, Bellfield is now regarded as one of the top brands in quality and design, with the philosophy of combining past ethos and roots with today's trends.


Bellfield with its distinctive aesthetics and different look for fashion can offer unlimited possibilities to your outfit thanks to its variety of different colors and designs. It has a collection of classic and vintage designs that are adapted to today's trends, thus retaining the brand's timeless character but also approaching today's trends with various collections per season.


Bellfield is a brand with special attention to detail and balance in yesterday's and today's values that every well-dressed man will appreciate. We introduce you the Bellfield, discover the refreshed collection on our site.

Woman @Unity

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos
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The team of Unity by Harris Ragavis, wanting to satisfy the demands of modern woman even more, we decided to add new brands to our family with emphasis as always on detail, quality and good value. Once again, looking to show something different, we innovate and offer to women the opportunity to bring out their uniqueness, character and femininity through special outfits.

Discover special pieces of Greek designers, combine them with clothes and shoes from famous street fashion brands from around the world and express what you are through a truly unique look.

Discover our entire renewed female collection in our natural shops, and online at www.unity.com.cy

Quay x JLO

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

A collection as powerful as the woman who inspired it, the QUAY X  JLO  range is designed to bring out your inner superstar. Discover your new power sunnies with a selection of styles defined by luxe metal accents, oversized shapes, and flashy lens finishes.

Each pair is designed for you, to bring out the best of you—because putting on your sunglasses should feel like putting on your best self. 

Unity x Wrangler Icons

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

Wrangler is a brand that, since the very first day of its foundation, has been aimed at preserving its authenticity and identity. Over the years, Wrangler has become the No 1 option for cowboys, rebels, and rockstars. And because the icons we've grown up with are still existing, we're introducing Wrangler's special ICON collection with legendary designs from the brand's archive.

The new Wrangler ICONS series takes us back, at retro times combining the timeless character of yesterday with the style of today. Wrangler ICONS is the world's first product platform, included Greece, where Wrangler ICONS is exclusively available to Unity. The Unity brings you close to a retro series that will leave its mark on the denim game, also aiming to pass on to the new generations its interdisciplinary style. Dedicated #TOTHEICONS, to you who want to stand out and you have the style of an Icon. #UnityXWranglerICONS.

ICONS live forever. Be part of the history.

Inspired by the past, for the future!

Pelle Pelle x Wu Tang

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

Pelle Pelle is a company with international influence in the field of television and music. Her relationship with hip hop is also known, as many rappers show their preference for the company, support her and often collaborate with her.

Last important collaboration was with Ghostface Killah and the Wu-Tang band in which he participates. A band of hip hop music with global appeal.

Within Pelle Pelle's new collection, stamped names have been designed by members of the band and titles of their songs such as Ghostface Killah and Protect Ya Neck respectively.

This new collection of these designs is now available in our company and our site.

Vespa Presentation Spring / Summer 19

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos
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Vespa Presentation Spring / Summer 19

Discover the new collection of Vespa shoes and accessories by clicking here.

Str.Eaters, the new street food project, which brings gastronomic air to the city center of France and America, creating for the first time eight different tasting stations in the same venue, opens on 9 November.

For Friday's inauguration a big party is being prepared with the music coverage of the EnLefko radio station. At the same time, the opening of the floor hosted by special events and pop up stores is marked with Vespa's first, great guest.

Our company, Unity by Haris Ragavis being the exclusive Vespa shoe and accessories distributor, in cooperation with the Vespa Clubs of Athens and Piraeus, is organizing a competition in which the most beautiful Vespa will be awarded.

The space will be filled with beautiful machines, while the pop up store will be hosting special brand accessories such as bags and shoes, which will be sold with special discounts for all guests. In addition, samples of products will be exhibited from the new collection of the coming year.

In addition to the members of Vespa Club and our associates, we will be invited to attend the presentation.

Those who love the special food and adore Vespa, will have the pleasure of enjoying a night that combines them all!

Do not miss!

Unity Volos - Grand Opening Event

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

Unity Volos - Grand Opening Event

The inauguration of the new store in Volos was made and there were not many who rushed to see and discover the products that it has. The wide variety of well-known brands as well as unique designs and special lines in both clothing and footwear was what really impressed the world.

People of all ages attended this very nice event,

among them the mayor of Volos, Achilleas Beos.

As this store looks like it was the missing piece in the region's market. Variety, quality and style, all in one.

We thank all of you who helped to achieve this goal and you attended this beautiful event.

Unity Welcomes Vespa

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

Vespa Lifestyle.

Vespa is not just a machine, a vehicle that facilitates your travels. It's more than just a whole world, another way of life. Vespa lets you escape, gives you the opportunity to travel, experience unique moments and experience. Those who love Vespa belong to a special family, knit and organized, with the same passion for their common love.

Our company, aware of the great interest and the worship around it, has decided to make available both accessories and other gadgets, but also shoes for all of you who can not take a moment off.

Only here you will find a great collection to create your own "Vespa style".