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The term Black Friday initially was used to declare the ''black day'' of the economical disaster in the New York's stock market in 1869.At the end of 60s it took a positive sign and thence it was signaled the Friday after the ''Thanks giving'' day when a lot of offers were given.

Nowadays it is an ordinance and more and more businessmen participate. Always with respect to the consumer and keeping the real meaning of the offer, we make real and brave discounts on our big Brands, to have all the opportunity to get them.

During this symbolic day, we show in practice the love to our fellows and also we honor all of you that support us all this time. We thank you and we are waiting you to our stores in order to find out our incredible prices.

Celebrities on Dirty Velvet!


The Dirty Velvet T-Shirt now 20% off just for a while. They are made of a very good quality fabric with subversive designs that they are a food for thought. They have been worn by celebrities both in Greece and in abroad.

Onirama, Mikeius, Skarmoutsos, Tsimitselis and Milioglou confirm that.

Also does Matt Edmodson, James Corden and Usain Bolt ''give another air'' on the TV and Track.

The ''CLOTHING FOR GENTLEMEN REBELS'' T-Shirts will lift off your style, don't miss the offer.

Mid Season Sales - UP TO 60% OFF!


Discounts just started. We inform you that in our stores you will find products such us jackets, pants and shoes of the new season 17-18 in prices up to 60% off. Indicatively we mention Franklin & Marshal in 30% discount, 25% in Adidas, Converse, Timberland and 20% in Dc, New Balance, Volcom and Wrangler.

Visit us or our e shop in order to find out all our offers in big brands and we remind you that with purchases until 5/11 the transport charges are free with instant delivery. We continue dynamically preserving the quality with respect to the consumer.

Unity welcomes Deus Ex Machina


Unity welcomes to her family Deus Ex Machina (God From The Machine).

The company started in Australia in 2006 not jut by love for the machines, but as an idea of freedom and creativity.

Everyone has a place in Deus and the action, the authenticity and the enthusiasm are a prerequisite.

Each one is unique and do what they believe without right or wrong.

Deus embraces them all and creates a unique and at the same time honest art that touches the world. So, a ''company ex machina'' , could not be known to us and thus we present it to you.

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UNiTY Welcomes Dr.Martens


Dr. Martens appeared, already, from the beginning of the previous century, in a small town in England.

At the beginning was manufacturing boots for moderate difficulty works, like gardening, but the strength and stability of these shoes won the impressions.

The change of company's course became shortly after the War when Dr. Klaus Maertens recovering from a wound, created a new type of sole softer than the first one. So, using old military materials, managed to sale to a limited public.

The biggest success was brought a little after, when became additional changes in manufacturing.

Having allies the developments of the coming decades, except for a difficult economic period, managed to become a symbol of different classes and groups of citizens.

Workers, representatives of all kinds of subculture even people in anti-government demonstrations were wearing these specific shoes.

In other words the company became famous and used by different social groups and people which they wanted to show their own style and expression.

UNiTY Big Contest


Unity Stores in an effort of more communication and immediacy with all of you who support us all these years and knowing the responsibility we have on your behalf, we decided to create another contest.

Responding to a few questions only you help us to become better so we can offer you whatever you want always at the best price with quality having the first say.

Thus, through this game you will get double winnings as a lucky one of you will win a gift voucher for purchase from our stores,

while uploading a photo with unity bag in Instagram with the hashtag #UnityContest you win a coupon with 10% additional discount, irrespective of the outcome of the competition.

Thanks to you we are improving our shelves for this we reward you and we wish you good luck!

Contest Starting Date 27/9 11:15am

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UNiTY stores, welcomes Timberland


Unity Welcomes Timberland

Unity for the first time cooperates with Timberland.

A company with tradition and duration, especially in the footwear sector.

Based on quality, creates products of high value that can be used in outdoors, like mountains, but also in the city's street, with everyday use.

The Timberland company is a guarantee in quality with products durable that can withstand time and we could not fail to include it in our own collection.

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Ioanna Kourbela @ UNiTY Stores


Everything started on 1971 when opens the lab of Kourbela's family with hand-knitted clothes, somewhere in Athens.

Over the years the company strengthens using,as always,natural materials and threads and creating new unique collections.

On 2003 though, is happening a real turning point on the design and the clothing production, that brought the maximum possible result and off the borders success that continues until now.

That period Ioanna undertakes the creative direction of the company.Offering her own point of view and perception on clothing,gives a new personal but at the same time global approach and proposal, combining the new and original with the classic.She is inspired from Greece and the Greek archetypes of aesthetics and light,seen through a new dimension.Designs that are not limited neither limites, giving freedom and flexibility in use and movement.

The raw materials and the fabrics that are used(cotton,linen,silk,viscose) are absolutely friendly to the environment,something that is considered a prerequisite for the company.

Second prerequisite is the sustenance of the tradition and the local production, supporting the small businesses.The Ioanna Kourbela's designs,with respect to the enviroment and human being, the importance of the garmet for the body with the high and innovative sewing are available now to a large extent of the Greek territory, but also outside of it in over 23 countries all over the world.

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The Djinn's company was appeard in 2001. Creating its own unique and quality clothes both on the fabrics it uses and on the colors and the style, managed to put its own stamp and to be one of the most important and competitive companies in Europe and also outside of it.


It allready collaborates with may other companies and even shows to win the interest of several celebrities.Unity is very happy that brings for the first time in Greece the Djinn's and expects a successful cooperation with duration.

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School is cool! | Because the success is sure when you have the appropriate tools.


The school year just started!

Like every year, so this time, we star dynamically our preparation and the necessary supply is ongoing. The first step every time is the choice of a bag.

The students will have the chance to select their style through a great variety like Vans for a simple and everyday style and Sprayground with more designs small or big, monochrome or colorful.


Second step is, of course, the choice of clothes and shoes.

New and original designs for everyday and juvenile appearance, for every taste that can't leave anyone complaining. Blouses, sweatshirts and shoes that make the difference. Sports shoes for every activity, every time of the day. The choices, of course, don't stop here.. Every new comes, you can find it in our new arrivals. Because the success is sure when you have the appropriate tools.


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